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“Sorrow was never sweeter than in the long, slow opening theme of the Cello Sonata, which Warner rendered as a generous outpouring of dark, singing tone in deep-breathing phrases. Nuzova and Warner sounded entirely attuned to this notion and to one another in this beautiful and compelling reading.”—The Milwaukee Sentinel

“Warner and Nuzova put forth technically spotless, extremely tight ensemble playing, ideal balance between the two instruments, and a real sense of a singular musical vision.” - All Music Guide

"In Irina Nuzova Warner has found a keyboard partner who matches her in passion, elegance, and imagination. The result is as beautiful a chamber music recital as we have any right to expect - Classics Today

“Wendy Warner and Irina Nuzova confirm themselves as high-ranking artists with this excellently recorded and produced CD of Russian Music” …“Such full-blooded and committed playing can’t fail to entrance.” - STRAD

“(We welcome) the debut of a distinguished new duo partnership.” “Warner’s playing is totally secure technically, glowing in tone-colour, and  beautifully moulded; Nuzova is an accomplished and sensitive pianist….clearly a fine-tuned partnership.” - BBC Magazine

“Warner’s fluid, amber-hued cello is one of the most plaintively poetic sounds this writer has heard all year and Nuzova’s style is stark, lyrical, and rhythmbound. 5 out of 5 stars”—Mark Keresman, Icon Magazine

"Warner (is) drawing a tone of great depth and vibrancy from her cello, while Nuzova matches her partner with luxuriantly resonant sound across her piano’s full range.”—Jerry Dubbins, Fanfare